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School Celebrates Filipino Heritage

We are Filipinos; in our veins run the blood of our heroes who fought hard for our freedom. Our own identity has brought us to greater heights of accomplishments and successes.

Against all odds, we remain strong and resilient - just like the bamboo that no amount of thrashing and rampage of the strong winds can topple it down because its roots are firmly rooted on the ground.

Yes, we have been through a lot - typhoons, flood, drought, crimes; name it we've been through it because we are strong people. In our veins run the blood of warriors and fighters - we can't easily accept defeat but we rise up from the rubbles of calamities and defeats.

Our ancestor fought hard to regain our independence from our oppressors; thousands of them died for us to have our freedom back. Its but fitting for us to give importance to our Filipino heritage.

The month of August is considered the Buwan ng Wika. Schools all over the Philippines celebrate this activity to value our national identity as Filipinos. Here in Trinity Christian School, all students got the chance to wear Filipino costumes as part of the celebration. They played Filipino games, eat Filipino kakanin and relish activities which showcased our identities as Filipinos during the culminating activity during the last week of August.

Why do we need to give importance to our national language? Even though we are divided by islands and we get to speak various Filipino dialects our national language ties us all as Filipinos. Our language sets us apart from the rest of the people in the world. Therefore we should be proud of it. We need to give respect to our national language by making it as our primary language as well as our preferred source of communication as much as possible.