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Track and Field 2015

The morning heat of the sun did not dampen the high spirits of Trinitarians as they flocked the PANAAD Park and Stadium last July 16, 2015 for the yearly Track and Field Day. The affair, which has been going on for more than ten years has its ultimate objective of discovering budding track and field athletes. Other than this is to promote healthy life style through sports.

As the sun rose from the horizon, the field buzzed with parents who were there to cheer their kids; students garbed in their class color - all ready to join the fun; teachers and staff who were the forerunners of the activity; vendors who were ready to sell their wares and of course bystanders who were ready to witness the event.

After the flag raising and the early morning exercise, the preschool kids took their turn in the field and joined the 50 meter run, shotput and long jump competitions. What a sight to behold as parents basked in the simple accomplishment of their children.

The sweltering heat of the sun added to the intensity of the game as elementary and high school students took turns running around the field.

For some, the activity caught them by surprise... imagine running around the field, competing for a winning slot but at the middle of the game , their breath fell short, and so it took them guts just to finish the race. But the euphoria and the exhilaration were all worth the fainting spells and the shortness of breath; after all the vanguards were there, ready to catch them at the finish line.

Generous hugs given, multiple handshakes exchanged, smiles multiplied: to sum it up - it was a day of fun, friendship and fellowship... a rare moment celebrated to the fullest.