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TCS Launches Club Membership

For this school year thirteen (13) school clubs were officially launched last July 15, 2015. Trinitarians from grades 1 to 10 were given the chance to choose a club membership of their liking. It was an exciting afternoon as they flocked around the covered court, roaming from one booth to another as they try to choose what the best club for them was.

The following were the school clubs that were launched: Book Lovers, Book Worm Society, Gymnast, Performing Arts for HS students, Junior Performing Arts for the elementary, Football, Homemakers, Chess, Photography, Music and Rhythmic, Dance Club, Karatedo and the Mathematics Trainers Guild.

All clubs have their membership fees which will be used for club activities. They are encouraged to meet at least twice a month and conduct worthwhile activities that could benefit the members.

The club activities will run through the whole score year and given the chance will have their culminating activities at the end of the school year.