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Trinitarians Spread Holiday Cheer

While other students are busy thinking on what to wear to their class Christmas parties, Trinitarians are thinking differently. While others are so excited on what gifts to give to their manitos and manitas, Trinitarians are preoccupied thinking on what to give that would bless others.

December 18, 2009. Trinitarians celebrated the holiday with a different kind of blast - a Christmas Outreach. The students gave their help and shared their blessings to the students of Romanito High School.

The Trinitarian Praise Team, together with Sir Jeremie Repogio, sang songs fit for the season, reminding everyone about the true reason why we celebrate Christmas. And as the event progressed, students of both schools had a chance to bond and fellowship together through Sir Xerwin Ceballos' parlor games. Winners were also given special prizes in the form of school supplies, canned good and other grocery items.

As a gesture of goodwill, Trinitarian high schoolers gave out gifts creatively prepared and wrapped by them.

Of course there was food, shared by everybody.

As a ‘thank you' to the Trinitarian's kindness, the Romanian Dancers entertained everyone with their bibo presentations.

"Its Christmas time, we should share our blessings to others..." One of the senior students said, helping count the gifts and pack the goods the day before the outreach. "I mean, Jesus gave up his life for us, right? So why don't we spread His love this Christmas season? Not to mention it's my last year here in Trinity..."

To the seniors, it was quite melancholic for them to have their last outreach, but the second year students were laughing and teasing while they were helping bring the gifts down to the lobby from the second floor.

"This is fun, man. Never thought helping could be this fun." A sophomore said while passing the gifts to one of his classmates. Looks like the Trinitarians also found the joy in giving...

Some schools must have had Christmas parties and outings, but the Trinitarians chose to spend time with others, to share the love our Sovereign God has for us, and to share the blessings they received from Him. It might be really fun to receive gifts from others, but what's really rewarding is that when you give to others and see the smiles on their faces... and unlike material things, that smile will take a really, really long time to fade from your heart./by Joesalie Solis