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Irvin Magbanua Leads HS Graduating Class

Irvin Magbanua is this year's high school class valedictorian both in Chinese and English classes. He led the 72 high school students who graduated last March 24, 2015. Aside from these awards he was also the recipient of numerous citations such as the Math Award.

Next in the rank was Charity Justine Benignos, the class salutatorian; Janeane Marie Amodia, 1st Honorable mention; Jung Un Lee, 2nd Honorable Mention and Dominique Jardiolin as the 3rd Honorable Mention. These achievers were also given other awards based on their performances and achievement all throughout the year.

Meanwhile Carl Jericho Tan was the valedictorian of the grade 6 class followed by Adrian Baron as class salutatorian. Seventy-two (72) grade 6 pupils marched up the stage last March 23 during the elementary graduation ceremony.

On the other hand eighty seven (87) kinder II students successfully passed the preschool academic requirements. Their moving-up ceremony was held last March 22, 2015.