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Science Week 2015: The Wise Asks Why

There was something brewing in Trinity Christian School. It was Science week! February 2- 6, the students were involved in a whirlwind of activities, there were quiz bees, Science Olympics, Physics Olympics and of course, the most awaited part, the Science fair. Grade 8 to 4th year students took charge of the science fair, turning the high school department into worlds of fantasies. The students worked hard for weeks, constructing and painting their different props, to attain a wonderful science fair, and the results were simply awesome!

The faces of the younger students and other students from visiting schools were filled with excitement and wonder as they were toured around the fair. They entered the world of Narnia , The Hobbit, Greek Museum, Genesis, Into the Woods, Speedy's Murder Mystery, Beowulf Airlines and Lost. Not only did they see a giant lion, Bilbo's house, camp half- blood, the solar system, Cinderella and Rapunzel, the victim of murder, an airplane, a quicksand, listen to stories and play games but also they were able to learn more about science and have fun with it.

With the help of all the teachers and students, the science week was a huge success. It was tiring and stressful for the Grade 8 to 4th year students but it was also satisfying and memorable for them. Weeks of planning and work was finally finished as the science week 2015 came to a close and another year ahead to see the next transformation. See you next Science week!/ Janeane Marie L. Amodia