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Batches 88 and 89 Host Alumni Homecoming

Homecoming means coming home to what is really important in your heart - author unknown

A big percentage of a person's life is spent in school. This is the place where an individual practically grows up, where he discovers his individuality and learn to cope with the challenges around him. That's why an alumni homecoming is a great chance to reunite with your school, relish good memories, meet old friends and simply bask on the friendship of one another.

December 30, 2014. The event started as early as 5pm. Slowly but steadily the alumni started coming in and finally their shouts and laughter filled the air. The grounds buzzed with activities.

After the registration, one can enjoy the finger snacks of french fries and tempura. There's a photo booth at one corner for the free picture taking.

After some time the USST hall was filled with alumni from different batches and the night of fun, excitement and surprises followed.

Sumptuous food, good company, great conversation - what more can one asked for? Of course it's the door prices raffled to fortunate attendees! Everyone was so excited to get the grand price which was the IPAd Air (the fortunate winner for sure went home as if floating in the air).

One of the highlights of the night was the recognition ceremony of the teachers of the sponsoring batch. It was a poignant moment as one by one the teachers were called, and were given a plaque of appreciation shaped in the form of a cactus.

December 2014 TCS Alumni Homecoming was sponsored by batches 1988 and 1989 spearheaded by Mr. Jonathan Lo. With his leadership, the homecoming was nothing more but awesome and simply great.