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Trinitarians Celebrate Christmas with Outreach Centers

Merry Christmas!

Indeed time flies so fast and now it's the Christmas season. As we celebrate the holidays may we be filled with joy as we give honor to Jesus Christ- the very reason for this event.

Trinitarians shared their blessings to the community through outreaches.

The preschool pupils gave out food packages to the mountain pastors.

The high school department invited their outreach school- the Romanito Maravilla National High School students and spent the morning with them through games, food and fellowship.

Initiated by the Supreme Trinitarian Council (STC), elementary and HS students contributed rice, canned goods, noodles, and other food stuff and used clothings. These were distributed to the sacadas (those who were working in the sugarcane fields).

"It is so touching to see them teary-eyed upon receiving such simple food package from us. But the fact is, it was not only them that were blessed, but I am personally blessed beyond measure upon seeing them appreciate what we gave them." One STC officer commented.

The Christmas season is a time not only for receiving but more specifically for sharing our blessings. And as we enjoy the food on our tables may we never cease to share our blessings to the needy. Above all, let us honor Jesus Christ in our hearts.