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Jesus Calling: The 38th Founding Anniversary

     38 years: A great founding impact over a short span of time.

     After 38 years of teaching and fostering the youth of Bacolod City, Trinity Christian School celebrated its Founding Anniversary last October 25-30, 2014. As the fruit of the Bacolod Trinity Christian Church (BTCC) to aid in providing quality education for pre-school, elementary and high school students alike, Trinity Christian School has and will have accomplished its vision: "To develop the young for service in society and in God's Kingdom" in the abundant years to come.

     It is our honor to express our gratitude foremost to the Trinitarian Board of Trusties for their financial aid and support in the development of this Christian institution of learning. Since the 26th of October 1976 (the day of the school's opening), Trinity has produced from only 70 graduates to now thousands who have set out into the world not only as successful businesspeople, doctors, lawyers, pastors, engineers, and entrepreneurs, but also as forerunners and mobilizers of God's Kingdom, as the school's vision states.

     The school had its advancements in the prominence of its education system in its later years as it transitioned from the Department of Education's (DepEd) Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) to the present day K to 12. Ms. Esther Jane Uy, the school's current principal, has spent years of honorable service in this school, especially for the young students who desire to learn and rise up in excellence for God's glory. We greatly commend the school's accomplishments in academics, sports, local and international contests, and dedication to the core values of Christ. It was not only because of Ms. Uy's compassion, selflessness, and leadership, but most especially her faith in the Lord, who had brought the school to a new era and revival in a "Christ-centered culture".
During the light of these events, the school's student body, the Supreme Trinitarian Council (STC), will be conducting a timeline of festivities to commemorate the school's 38th Founding Anniversary. This will be a week-long celebration-for the teachers, students, parents, benefactors, and staff alike-of fun games, exciting activities, stage performances, intramurals, and above all, thanksgiving to God's faithfulness over the school.

     Trinity Christian School has endured a long history that is yet to be unfold; it is more than just a school set-apart for the Lord, but a Spirit-led ministry of counseling and mentoring its students "to grow in faith and in the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord". By celebrating its 38 years of deep inspiration to the people in education and society, the school and its leaders proclaim: "To God Be the Glory"!