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Congrats to the Teachers and Staff Service Awardees

We salute the TCS Teachers and Staff who stayed in the school for many years as a sign of their commitment to render quality Christian Education to the students.
For this school year, nine teachers and staff were recognized as Service Awardees. Thank you being a part of the institution all through these years.

Mrs. Nellie Lee (Elementary Chinese Supervisor) - 30 years in service
Esther Jane Uy (Principal) - 25 years
Lynn Tanjusay (Preschool Supervisor) - 20 years
Annie Lladoc (Building and Grounds Supervisor) - 20 years
Veronica Carmona (Office Manager) - 15 years
Tiffany Linaja (PS and Elementary Librarian) - 10 years
Medy Blanco (Preschool teacher)
Michael Crisostomo (School Registrar) - 10 years
Brian Pangarotan (Music Teacher) - 10 years

On the other hand, the Teachers and Staff are grateful to the School's Board of Trustees for treating them to a luncheon at the Wara-Wara - a Japanese Resto at the Robinson's Place right after the celebration at the school.

Indeed it was a festive celebration of Japanese food and what made it more meaningful was the presence of the School Board who took time out from their busy schedules and spent some time with the teachers.