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Trinitarians Get Busier

Goodbye August. Welcome September - the start of the "ber" months which means that Christmas season is near. It has been said that our country, the Philippines has the longest history of celebrating the Christmas season. In fact it starts as soon as September comes and extends up to January 6 - the Feast of the Three Kings. Of course not all Filipinos concede to this tradition but the fact remains that the season is celebrated early as evidenced by the display of Christmas ornaments in the department stores, coupled with the playing of Christmas songs on the air.

Anyway, for Trinitarians, student life gets busier as time passes by. After the "busy" August season, the month of September ushers in the NOPSSCEA sports and cultural activities. As early as the start of the school year, Trinitarian athletes and cultural participants have been practicing in preparation for the great face-off.

On the other hand, 2nd grading is slowly unfolding which means that Trinitarians are fully occupied with their lessons, projects and other performance tasks.

Meanwhile here is the rest of the schedule that the school is looking forward to:

September 12 Preschool quarterly Recognition
September 12 NOPSSCEA Opening
September 26 Chinese Teachers Day
September 27 MTG Session 3
September 29 Chinese Writing Competition