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TCS Holds 1st Parenting Seminar

After the first grading exams, the teachers eventually became busy with the computation of grades just in time for the distribution of the report cards last August 23, 2014.

Parents flocked the school to get the report cards of their children but before this, they attended 2-hour parenting seminar and which was held at the Little Theater.

Dr. Neth Penetrante, of the Children and Youth Wellness Technical and Advocacy Center conducted the seminar. The venue was overflowing with parents who were there to listen. It was a welcome respite for them as they listened to the talk on raising emotionally healthy and disciplined children.

"The approach to parenting in this present time has drastically changed with the advent of technology and the changing of the times. That's why we need to involve ourselves directly in raising emotionally and healthy children so that they will grow and develop their own potential," Dr. Neth quoted.

Parents laughed, nodded their heads, and took down notes, while others were in deep thought, slowly digesting what she shared.

After the seminar, card distribution followed.