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TCS Celebrates Buwan ng Wika

August is one busy month for the Trinitarian community. For one, it the celebration of the Buwan ng Wika.The  preschool's celebration falls on August 18 to 20 while the elementary and high school departments will have their activities on the 28th and the 29th of the month.

The Buwan ng Wika activity is a must for everyone to celebrate and participate in grateful appreciation of having a common language that unites the whole nation.

In consonance with the celebration, all Trinitarians are required to speak in Filipino while they are inside the school campus. And indeed Trinitarians are really trying hard to do this task. Even if most students are really finding it hard to speak but still the effort is there. The Supreme Trinitarian Council (STC) also spearheads the implementation of such guideline.

To add zest to the celebration, every morning one winner is chosen from among those who submitted their entries on the "bugtung-bugtungan". So far this is one activity that the elementary pupils are looking forward to.

Buwan ng Wika is a month long celebration of our national language. It's not so much more on the songs, dances and presentations on stage - but rather it's more on embracing our identities as Filipinos. It is also a matter of learning to love our country and our national heritage.

As what ‘Gat Jose Rizal said,"Ang hindi marunong magmahal ng sariling wika ay higit pa ang amoy sa malansang isda". That's it! We are Filipinos and so we must be proud of our heritage.