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S.Biasca Leads This Year’s STC Election

     Stephen Martin Biasca of the Grade 10 class leads this year's Supreme Trinitarian Council after the STC election held last Friday June 27, 2014. He is declared as the President of the Council after earning more than 300 votes. Together with the rest of the newly elected officers, they will lead the student body in implementing projects for the benefit of the whole school as well as spearheading some school activities. Here is the complete list of the newly elected officers:

President                      Stephen Martin Khael Biasca
Vice President                Eldrick Paul Tan
English Secretary             Jung-un Lee
Chinese Secretary           Janeane Marie Amodia
Treasurer                      Sheilabelle Torralba
Auditor                          Irvin Magbanua
Business Manager           Dominique Jardiolin
PIO                               Ronnie Andrew Oyos
High School Governor      Meg Renan San Jose
Level 2 Governor            Carl Jericho Tan
Level 1 Governor            Mikayla Ta-ala
IV Grace                        Charity Justine Benignos
IV Perseverance             Anne Dionalee Dela Cruz
III Meekness                 Allijah Izzabel Amahit
III Compassion             Ralph Joseph Arrojado
II Initiative                   Ralph Ashley Tan
II Self Control               Shandrei Huelar
I Gentleness                 Alina Jane Villanueva
I Faithfulness               Kyla Danielle Biasca
6 Patience                   Julliana Mengullo
6 Kindness                   Meikel Salado
5 Light                        Selinah Lourdes Catalan
5 Salt                          Erika Celine Villanueva
4 Goodness                  Kiana Marie Alagaban
4 Courage                    Kayne Gabriel Montelibano