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Track and Field Day now on its 8th year

Standing undaunted against the sweltering heat of the sun, Trinitarians gamely participated in the yearly Track and Field Day held in Bago Stadium last August 20, 2009.The well-participated event kicked off at around 7:45 with the pre-school students running with all their might in the 50-meter run.

Series of field events followed as the hours ticked by, giving opportunities to all Trinitarians to prove their running and throwing skills in the various activities.

Parents became the cheerers as they stood at the sidelines, coaching their kids to run and run, not only to reach the finish line but to win the coveted medals.

The stadium was buzzed with laughter, loud music and food, yes lots of it as parents came prepared to spend the day with their kids.

Now on its 8th year, the Track and Field day promotes healthy lifestyle through sports.