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New School Year Opens On June 4

June 4, 2014

     Trinity Christian School officially opens today, June 4, 2014, Wednesday. After the summer vacation, Trinitarians are excited to go to school today and be with their friends and classmates. For sure this new school year will be one exciting year for all.
     The school warmly welcomes both the old and new students. To ensure that parents are updated with the announcements regarding the new school year as well as the policies, they are encouraged to attend the Parents - Teachers Meetings set on the following schedules:

June 4, 8AM - Meeting with Parents of New Students, Little Theatre
June 6, 4PM - Meeting with Parents of 4th Year Students - Chinese AVR/Room 202
                                 (2nd floor, Cleto Marcelino Uy Hall)

June 6, 8AM - Meeting with Parents of Preschool Pupils, Little Theatre
June 9, 4PM Grade 7 Parents - Little Theatre
June 10, 4PM Grades 8 and 9 Parents - Little Theatre
June 11, 3PM Level 1 Parents - Little Theatre
June 13, after the Worship Service, Level 2 Parents - Little Theatre

          Meanwhile, the 1st Worship Service for the School Year will be on June 13, 2014, 8AM at the USST Hall/school Auditorium. All Parents are encouraged to attend this very important activity. Together let us welcome the Lord Almighty in our presence as the new school year opens.
Trinitarians are expected to do better in their studies, to follow school policies and most of all to seek excellence for God's glory!