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Sysiangco and Loretizo Lead Graduating Students

     Ayber Claris S. Sysiangco of the 4th year class and Katrina Loretizo of the grade 6 class are declared class valedictorians for this year's commencement exercises which will be on March 24 for the grade 6 and March 25 for the high school class respectively.

     Ayber , a true blue Trinitarian has been a consistent honor student since her kindergarten days. She is also an active CAT officer and this year's editor in chief of the school paper, The Trinitarian Ensemble.
On the other hand Katrina is not only good in academics but she is also active in sports especially in gymnastics. She has won local, regional and national gymnastic competitions.

     These two valedictorians have been added to the rooster of achievers of the schools.

     For this year's closing exercises, a total of 61 preschool pupils, 71 grade 6 pupils and 63 4th year students will march up the stage to get their diplomas.
The alumni achievers - those who passed their national licensure examinations and those who graduated with honors during their college graduation will also be recognized during the high school graduation ceremony. The school will be giving them a plaque of recognition for their accomplishment.

     Meanwhile, here's the schedule of the recognition and closing exercises:

March 21, 9:00 AM -  Pre School Recognition
               4:00 PM -  Preschool Moving Up Ceremony
        24 - 9:00 AM -  Grade School Recognition
               4:30 PM -  Elementary Graduation
        25 - 9:00 AM -  High School Recognition
               5:30 PM -  High School Graduation