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Campus Writers Join Regional Press Conference

January 20, 2014
     Trinity Christian School is a kaleidoscope of talents from sports, dancing, and academics. Name it we have it!  It's not all the time that all Trinitarians who join competitions win... we also lose not because we are not good but because there are others who are better than us. Nevertheless the school hones students to give their best to every challenge set before them. Win or lose, the game continues... it's the willing heart and mind that counts after all. Losing means an opportunity to improve our crafts. It means more willingness to train and improve our skills.. And so the school is so proud of these students who did not make it to the top but nevertheless gave their best to whatever endeavor they have.
     Last January 4 and 5, January 18 and 19, the TE writers went to Punta Villa, Iloilo City and joined the hundreds of campus journalists all over the region for the yearly Regional Press Conference. They joined various writing competitions and though they did not make it still the richness of the experience that they gained was worth the training they went through.
     Joel Uberas, Jr. the school's contender to the Editorial Cartooning HS English Category made it to the top 7. As a first timer in the contest, it was good enough. To the rest of the campus writers, it is a challenge to train more, read some more and face the challenge of the next press conference.