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A Blessed Christmas Everyone!

December 20, 2013

     As the cold breeze of December greets us these days, we are reminded once again that Christmas Season is here. What is so special about this season is the abundance of food on the table, the bonuses from our employers, the gifts that we receive from our love-ones and friends, visit from families and the endless parties that we are attending almost every day. Christmas brings a lot of good times as we savor the blessings of this season. But what makes this month really meaningful is the opportunity to share our blessings to others.
     We are privileged to buy what we need, satisfy our desires with the money that we have and so it is but proper to remember others who don't have much in life. Filipinos are thoughtful people. Every occasion is an opportunity to remember others. Let us take this chance to serve others through giving.
     Right after the 3rd quarter exams, Grade 7 to Grade 9 students invited the students of Romanito Maravilla National High School (the HS outreach school) and shared the day with them through games and fellowship. Simple snacks were prepared that were enjoyed by both groups. Of course, the highlight of the activity was the gift giving of Trinitarians to these public school students. The gifts were well thought of and lovingly prepared out of the personal contributions of the Trinitarians. Indeed, it is more blessed to give than to receive judging from the beaming faces of the recipients.
     The HS graduating class went to Bacolod Social Development Center, a facility that houses the juvenile delinquents of the city. Their hearts were warmed after hearing the stories of these youth who were confined to such facility. Theirs was a sad story of parents abandoning their children, some were molested at such a tender age; others committed petty misdemeanors but there were those who were victims of cruelty and crime. Given these facts, these delinquent youth were happy to share the day with the Trinitarians who prepared games for them, gave them lunch, offered their ears to listen to their woes and most of all gave out some gifts to them.
     Indeed there are many ways to make this season meaningful. We don't need to have millions in order to share them with others. All it takes is a willing heart, an open mind and some financial blessings to start with.
     Let us remember that this season is not so much about us; but it is about the Lord, our Maker who sacrificed Himself on the cross just to save us from our sins. And so as we celebrate this season, let us bless others too!