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Trinitarians Reach out To Yolanda Victims in Cadiz

It takes one calamity to unite us all together in helping Typhoon Yolanda Ravaged kababayans...
Almost all of us grieved for the hapless victims of the super storm. Our hearts are broken as we watch the news on TV and as we hear stories of what the victims went through just to survive. Many people were not furtunate. They died saving themselves. We couldn't bear to just sit down and leave them in their misery...
And so we did what every Christian should do.. we extend our help to them.
Much as the whole place of Tacloban and its neighboring provinces were cruelly ravaged by the storm, Northern Negros received its share of the typhoon's wrath, particularly Cadiz City.
With one hearts and minds the Trinitarian community decided to help this place. Last Thursday, November 14, 2013, the campaign started. Came the following day, Trinitarians from all levels started bringing their donations in the form of cash, while majority brought in canned goods, bottled water, used but still in good condition clothes, rice and other groceries. A few hours after, the elementary AVR that became the packing area was filled with these stuff.
It may seem ambitious at first to prepare for more a thousand packs. But the Teachers and Staff never wavered in their faith to reach the goal. As the hours passed by more and more donations poured in; some in small packages but there were parents who were too happy to give. And so they gave not only in kilos but in sacks, they shared not only a plastic but in cartoons. As the day ended the Elementary AVR could not accomodate anymore the goods that kept coming in. There's no choice but to put them outside of the AVR while the loaves of bread were placed at the MOCA Office.
Sacks of rice were packed into kilos and the rest of the groceries were divided into small packages.Lo and behold, the packages not only reached up to 1000 but after the final count, there were a total of 1550 packages in all. Isn't this amazing?
There were too many hands all available to pack the goods... from pre school children who could only carry packs of noodles, to parents who tooks time out to help, to the alumni who came all the way to the school to help pack the groceries. Some STC officers were there to lend a helping hand, but thanks be to God for all the teachers and staff who facilitated everything from sorting out of groceries and clothes up to the packing of the rice.
There was an adrenalin rush and everythings' set for the activity. We would like to thank those countless individuals who lend their vehicles to the school and for those who donated big amount of money to fund this humanitarian activity.
And so we went to Cadiz City. At first we were overwhelmed with the crowd of people who were waiting for us. We were afraid of the possibility of stampede but long before we came the Cadiz Police force were already waiting for us to facilitate the peace and order of the activity. The Vice Mayor was also there to welcome us.
"The sun's heat was so divine that it seared us to core of our beings", one teacher commented but it was nothing compared to the joy that we experienced after handing out packages of goods to the people who were all to eager to receive them.
"Madamo nga salamat gid day", this was what we heard from them. Some asked where we came from and there was one who answered that the aid came from the government. Well, we just chuckled because prior to the activity our principal told us to not to boast or brag our presence to them. We just have to work joyfully. But there were people who were smart enough to identify that we were teachers from a private school. Nevertheless, we were not the stars of the show but its the people who were waiting for us... but above all, its the Lord Almighty who desreves all the glory and honor for providing us with the means to extend help to these people.
Literally bone weary, we went home with a lot of good stories to tell to one another. Indeed it was something to be spared from the super storm but it was a great experience to share and bless others in our own little way.
Given the chance... we will do it again...