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1st Triunity Fun Run: Amazing Race, Amazing Grace

"If running doesn't hurt, then you're doing it wrong", this is what an adage says. Definitely we did it right because almost all of us felt the pain all over our bodies the day after we embarked in this activity.
A twist to the usual celebration of the school's 37th founding anniversary, the TCS Alumni Association, in coordination with the Supreme Trinitarian Council launched a fun run activity last October 26, 2013. It was primarily organized as a fund raising activity to support some projects for the school.
The Trinitarian community joined theevent with some, determined to finish the 5 kilometer race; some joined the 3 K while others opted to run the 1K of which most of the elementary kids did.
As early as 4:45 AM there were already people inside the school campus performing some light jogs and warm-up exercises in preparation for the event. The sound system was blaring with upbeat music, enough to stir a jovial mood.
The race started at 6:00 am. The runners were blessed with a good weather - clear skies, nice wind. Clad in various running get-ups, Trinitarians from all ages joined in the fun. The race started from the school going to the Villa Homes passing by the Riverwalk Subdivision and extended some meters beyond that. Runners of all ages joined in the fun, running fast at first, running slow and finally walked after some time.
There were experienced marathon athletes who joined and definitely they led the race up to the finish line. But for the parents, teachers and staff, the activity was a breather - a break from the usual routine. That's why everybody had fun after all those running , walking and sweating. Reaching the finish line was a great accomplishment!
The fun run was the first in the TCS history. Hopefully,there will be more to come in the coming years.