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Limson Siblings Won Gold in Karatedo

September 17, 2013

Another Trinitarian who should be watched out with is Chloe Bernadette Limson, a grade 4 pupil who recently won a gold medal in the Kata category and Silver in the Kumite category during the NOPSSCEA Karatedo Sports Event last September 14-15, 2013. Next in line is his brother, Carlos Benedict of the grade 1 class who also won a gold medal in Kata category and Silver in Kumite category in his age bracket during this event as well. They are the representatives of the school to this inter-school sports competition.

As young as they are, they are already showing a great interest in this field. Given enough time, eventually they will blossom into very competitive athletes.

Congratulations and looking forward to more achievements as you move on to the next level.