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Proudly Pinoy

The early morning ‘nationalistic songs' played on air around the school campus just before the flag ceremony stir nationalism spirits in us. It reminds us that we are filipinos - we live in a noble land where heroes both known and unknown have risked and shed their blood for the freedom of this country. These are the moments that we are reminded of our humble beginnings and how far have we soared high as a country.

Being a filipino means a lot. We have to be proud of our lineage. We are famous not because we are the greatest but because we have our own unique identity distinct from the rest of the races around the world. We have our own cultures and traditions that set us apart from the rest of the world.

They say its more fun in the Philippines and indeed it is. More foreigners are flocking our country every year because of our famous beaches, our rugged mountains, our luscious green forests and other scenic spots that could take one's breath away.

But what's more fun in the Philippines is its people. Warm, friendly and hospitable are just some of the characteristics that are inherent to us. It is second nature to the filipinos to offer their homes, use their best china wares and even give up their beds so that their visitors can have the best sleep for the night. It's an unwritten code to look for the good of others since filipinos are caring people.

But what really sets apart the filipinos are their resiliency- their ability to adjust and made the best out of every situation. Lately the country, especially the Luzon area was ravaged by deadly storms that killed lives and destroyed properties. One can see the hapless victims, homeless and hungry in the evacuation centers. Inspite of this, one could still see the "never-give-up" attitude on them, that positive outlook that behind the storm is that shining silver lining. That amidst every adversity, something good is still in store and that every trial is an oppurtunity to rise up and be made whole again.

Thats why we have to be proud of our identity. What flows in us are the blood of our heroes, strong, mighty, powerful. We face obstacles along the way, trials that test our faith and problems that leave us shattered and hopeless at times. But it's this blood in us that keeps us alive, that stirs us to fight and to rise above our adversities.

Yes we are not perfect. Everyday we hear from the news about government scams, holdups, merciless killing and kidnappings that would leave us questioning why? But this should not deter us from striving to become better citizens. Amidst all the unscrupulous people lurking around us, there are still majority of filipinos who are honest, whose hearts are golden, whose filled with compassion and concern for one another and most of all who still fear and love God.

That's why we should never be unfazed with the not-so-good things that are happening around. Let us concentrate in making our own little place a place full of love and security, of compassion, of generosity, of concern for one another.Let us give our best to whatever endeavor we have. Let us make our heroes proud by striving to better and better everyday, to seek for ways to improve our lives for good. Let us not put to waste our heroes' sacrifices and instead let us work together to build a strong country.

Let us celebrate this month of August dubbed as the "Buwan ng Wika" with great significance. Let us be grateful that we have the oppurtunity to celebrate our being filipinos through playing our traditional games, speaking our national language, earing our national costumes and most of all to treasuring our uniqueness from the rest of the world.