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Congratulations to the New Alumni Board Passers

August 13, 2013


It is always a happy news for the Trinitarian Community to know the achievements of their alumni.  Alumni Board Passers are a sure indication that the school has fully equipped these individuals to move on to a higher level of their education and to finally pass their national examinations. The School and its Board of Trustees proudly congratulate these individuals:

Kirby Tabuga                    (Batch 2009)
Johannalyn L. Ong             (Batch 2009)
Carmela Anne G. Fetalvero (Batch 2003)
Pamela Grace G. Fetalvero (Batch 2003)
Board Passers,Nursing Board Exam, June 2013

Engr. Sherlene G. Berondo    (Batch 2007)
Board Passer - Mechanical Engineering Board Exam
September, 2012

Engr. Gian Christopher C. Hatton   (Batch 2006)
Board Passer - Chemical Engineering Board Exam
April, 2013

Engr. Glenn John Nemenzo (Batch 2006)
Board Passer - Civil Engineering Board Exam
May, 2013

Engr. Erldin Lim (Batch 2006)
Board Passer - Civil Engineering Board Exam
May, 2013

Architect Christian Louis C. Hatton (Batch 2008)
Board Passer - Architect Board Exam
June, 2013