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Fun Under the Rain

August 9, 2013

The sun was pushing itself out of the horizon when Trinitarians went to the PANAAD Park for the yearly Track and Field Day last August 8, 2013. The weather was fine with just enough sunlight to brighten the day. In fact almost all participants were wishing that it would not be too hot during the day.After the lighting of the torch led by the star athletes of the school and after the opening ceremony, the TCS teachers opened the event with their own version of the 200 meter run. It was a sight to behold as teachers loosened up and ran with all their might all the way to the finish line.

The preschool pupils followed. With their mothers and fathers at the sideline, they ran with excitement and glee to the finish line. Shrieks and cheers were heard around; cameras flashed and videos rolled as parents captured the "race of a lifetime" of their kids. It was purejoy to watch as pupils experienced freedom in running in the big open field of the park.

But then the skies started to dim and the sun slowly hid on the horizon just as the level 1 students formed their lines . All of a sudden, the heaven gave way to a drizzle and eventually to a downpour. But it was a crime to stop the race just as the pupils were all pumped up with energy.So the event continued .In fact the rain just added to the excitement of these pupils to make it to the finish line. The advisers have no choice but to join their students under the pouring rain.

There were moments that the rain would stop and the sun would peak from the horizon. But through out the day the sun played hide and seek with the Trinitarians; yet this did not hamper the exuberant spirits of the students from having fun being the participants and being the cheerers at the sidelines.

For the entreprenuering student council officers, it was a time to earn some money for their fund raising projects as they sold food stuff with the pork barbecue as the best seller of the day. Parents were also ready with their food to feed their hungry children.

Not to be forgotten was the participation of the parents in the 200 and 400 meter run. After the race one grandmother remarked, " I thought I still have the angst to join the race; but my knees refused to cooperate with my mind, but nevertheless, it was fun".

Another successful event pushed through and it is expected that there will be more exciting events during the school year.