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Facing Your Giants: One Battle at a Time

July 22, 2013

Giants are characterized as fearsome creatures. In the Bible, Goliath who challenged King Saul to a fight was a sight to fear with his towering height, massive structure and extraordinary strength. Nowadays,students are facing modern giants: they may not be the the giants that carry swords but rather giants that brandish blades of fear, peer pressure, unflattering emotions and bad habits among others. These giants have been stalking the lives of students the moment they wake up in the morning, play games on their minds the whole day, occupy their last thoughts at night and haunt them through nightmares during sleep.

This might be an exaggeraton but these are but true experiences to others. This in itself was one of the main reasons why the advisers of the 4th year class decided to choose "Facing Your Giants: One Battle at a Time" as the theme of the 5-day retreat of the 4th year class that was held last July 15 to 19, 2013 at the CICM, Talisay.

It was a one-of-a kind experience for studenst as the speakers tackled and discussed about giants that reside their lives. Every identified giant was discussed using the Word of God as reference and through the study of Bible characters. As these giants were named and identified, students came to realize that they can conquer their giants through in-depth studying of God's word, establishing a close and personal relationship with Him and maintaining a daily personal devotion.

Students also enjoyed the group dynamics after every talk. Each GD had a significance to the messages for it served as an application of the lessons they learned.

The 5-day retreat also served as a bonding time of the class as this will be their last retreat before they leave the portals of their school.

The activity culminated with a film showing "Facing the Giants" at the Little theater of the school.