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Trinitarians Elect Officers

July 2, 2013

It's election time once again! For this school year the student body elected their student officers and just today they were installed into office by the principal, Miss Esther Jane Uy. For the rest of the school year, they will lead the student body in facilitating school activities that need their involvement and organize projects that will benefit the school. Here are the newly installed officers:

President                    Erica Rose Chan
Vice President             Orex John Ong
English Secretary         Jung-un Lee
Chinese Secretary        Charity Justine Benignos
Treasurer                    Loren Mae Jardenico
Auditor                       Kinnah Torres
Business Manager        Liselle Lo
PIO                            Micah Beatrice Cornejo
High School Governor   Angel Roseller Lazaro
Level 2 Governor         Keya Gargar
Level 1 Governor          Kiana Marie Alagaban
IV - Grace Jan Lorraine Uy
IV - Perseverance Alyssa Andrea Amador
III - Meekness Shielabelle Torralba
III - Compassion Dane Debulgado
II - Initiative Maygel Nice Factor
II - Self Control Le Ann Lorraine Develos
I - Gentleness Angelika Odango
I-Faithfulness Jethro Imbang
6 - Patience Susmita Ramos
6 - Kindess Jason Gonzales
5 - Light Kyla Amantillo
5 - Salt Julianna Mengullo
4 - Goodness Gadielle King
4 - Courage Kenneth Agujo