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First Day High!

June 19, 2013

They came in throngs!

This was a fitting word to describe the crowd of students who came to the library after it opened last June 17, 2013. After waiting for weeks finally their curiosity and excitement were satiated after seeing the development that took place in the library.

It was chaos as students looked for books to borrow while others were browsing for books to read just to pass the time. The new books on display were gone in a few minutes and the line of students in the charge-out counter was so long.

There were students who were so overfamiliar with the library collection that they dont have to be guided where to look for books. The first-timers, especially the grade one students seemed lost as they looked at the collection - this prompted the librarians to guide them on what to borrow and how to fill up the book card so that they can charge-out the books.

Other mischievous students were having the time of their lives going up and down the mini 2nd floor of the library. With its colorful railings and shelves, the children were so drawn to the new set-up that they cannot have enough of the place. In fact others were not able to eat their snacks during their recess time and other were prodded to eat their lunches first before staying in the library.

"Wow! I like the new library. It is so full of books and I like the 2nd floor," one student exclaimed. Indeed the librarians, together with the school administrator are looking for ways to develop the library every year to encourage students to come to the library and read and to eventually love books.

Two weeks before the library opened to the students, the library staff promoted the importance of reading to the parents who attended the Parents-Teachers Meeting. Library orientations were given to them and they were given the opportunity to visit the library as well. It was because of this campaign that many students came to the library because their parents encouraged them to do so.

The librarians are anticipating for the same situation for a couple of weeks as students are still enjoying getting the feel of the development. Many students commented that they will keep on reading and reading so that they can also be awarded as "outstanding library users".