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We can’t stop the Beat by Shimeiriah V. Inventor

Red curtains... colorful lights... extravagant stage... just perfect for the exemplary performance of the talented Trinitarians.
The night of February 15, 2013 was the night of thrill and excitement because it's not only a night of showcasing talents but also the announcement of the raffle draw's winners.

Each year level's most talented participants gathered together, sweat and get tired together to showcase their God-given talents. Finally, some shy-type students have broken their shells and amazed everyone despite of the short time given for their practices and rehearsals.

The Musical's theme was "We Can't Stop the Beat" and indeed the audience just can't stop the beat! Applauses and shouts have shaken the auditorium. The songs they sang are from movies--- movies of long ago, and movies of the present.

Lea Salonga? Lenka? High school musical? Uh-oh... We have them all here.

The crowd even gets more excited when the announcer called the names of the fortunate winners. The winners with their prizes were:

Grand Prize: Samsung Internet TV and Home Theater System
      Winner: Mrs. Jenneth Bernadas
      Villa San Agustin, Bacolod City
2nd Prize: iPad
      Winner: Ma. Nancy Fernandez
      Villa Angela Subdivision, Bacolod City
3rd Prize: Mini-Refrigerator
      Winner: Negros Saturn Marketing
      Rizal Street, Bacolod City
5 Consolation Prizes - IPOD Shuffles
      Mr. Manuel Reyes - Negros Metal
       June Anne C. Bernal - Country Homes, Bacolod City
       Joemille Pollentes - Villa Soledad, Bacolod City
       Lorenzo Amago - Villa Angela Subd. Bacolod City
       Jujin Clint Wilzenli Ferrer - EastHomes 1, Bacolod City

Congratulations to the performers! Indeed all of you deserve applause for a job well done. Congratulations also to the raffle winne  rs and thank you so much to all who bought the tickets and supported the show.