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Trinitarians Shine in MTAP DepEd Math Challenge

Trinity Christian School has been the venue of the MTAP DepEd Math Challenge for several years now.It is a gathering of mathematically gifted students who compete against one another in solving simple to complicated math questions. Both public and private elementary and secondary schools all over Bacolod City aims to be declared the champion. But in every competition, there are always winners and losers.

For this contest, which took place last February 7-8, 2013, the school congratulates Katrina Loretizo and Leoj Derayunan for winning 2nd place in the grade 5 team category and Carl Jericho Tan and Adrian Louise G. Baron for winning 3rd place in the grade 4 team category. Charity Justine Benignos and Irvin Magbanua of the 2nd year group got 2nd place in the High School Category.

The elementary winners were coached by Teacher Judith Vinco while the high winners were coached by Six Xerwin Ceballos.Before the competition, they have been training for several months; they were taught various math techniques to prepare them for this big event. Indeed, their efforts paid off.

Every year, the mathematical problems in this competition get more difficult and complicated that participants are really challenged to study and learn to love the intricacies of the math subject.

Though not all went home victorious, yet majority of the advisers, parents and the participants are challenged to give their best next time.