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Homecoming 2012

To the younger batches, nothing much has changed in the school. The familiar buildings and faces are still there, and though there are some bits and pieces of developments, for them nothing much has changed. But for the older batches, entering once again the walls that they left behind 10 or 20 years ago evokes a kaleidoscope of emotions that suddenly stir a lot of memories.

For this year the annual homecoming was hosted by batch 87 which happened to be the first batch of graduates of Trinity Christian School. It was such a nostalgic event for them having to see their classmates once again after 25 years. Calling themselves the jubilarians, they started to recall their best and challengeng moments when they were still together as classmates. Out of the 11 graduates, 6 of them were able to attend.

The homecoming last December 30, 2012 was a merry mix of young and the not-so-young alumni of the school. Majority of those who attended belonged to the newer batches and most of them are still in college.

The batch 87 sponsored the event with the support of the alumni association spearheaded by Mark Gomez as president. As pioneers, they recognized their past teachers and those that left an imprint in thier lives during their stay in the campus.

Homecoming ,they say is a time to of gathering of old friends, reminiscing of sweet and funny moments, capturing smiles and handshakes and igniting the fire of friendship once more.