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A Potpourri of Cultural Expressions

The stage was lit with vibrant colors. The auditorium was filled with white chairs all ready to be seat upon. One by one the people came. There were the dancers and the si ngers accompanied by their excited parents and loved ones. Finally the venue was filled to the overflowing. Whispers of excitement and anticipation were heard and exactly 6:30 in the evening of October 29, 2012, the program started.
After the singing of the national anthem and the opening prayer, the event was opened by SWAT dancers who set the light mood for the night. After that, students from all levels performed one after the other.The preschool kids were so disciplined that it was just so amazing to witness them perform such deligtful song and dance numbers.

There were participants from all levels. The show, which was a merry fusion of cultural expressions from chinese dances, to the native filipino dances up to the latest pop dances were enhanced by their colorful costumes. How can you mix them all together? Indeed it was a potpourri of talents contributed by all Trinitarians who were set to prove that they got talents to share.

Two (2) giant big screens were set up on both side of the stage to enhance the viewing experience of the audience especially those who were seated at the back. The pre school performers were so delighted to see themselves on the screen, thus were motivated more to dance and groove!
The audience were left breathless as they witnessed one performance after the other. Many commented that they can't barely have enough of one performance since the show was so simultaneous and so orderly.

Finally the show ended a few minutes before 8 in the evening and the parents and other visitors, together with the participants left the auditoruim happy and contented for another job well done by the Trinitarians.