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Track and Field Day Sets Mood for the Founding Anniversary

Have you ever tried sprinting in the field full of people when actually it was the first time you did it and for you, you felt like you ran like a turtle? Or have you ever tried performing the long jump knowing that you will swim in the sea of sand later?

For some, the Track and Field day is just a usual event that we celebrate once a year. But for someone out there, this event might have been an impact and a reason to face and conquer their greatest weakness. This event can also be realization of somebody's hidden skills in this field of sport.

Trinitarians from all levels gathered once again last October 22, 2012 at the Panaad Park and Stadium to enjoy and share the fun of running and competing with one another. This event was actually the kick -off activity of the 36th founding anniversary of the school.

The preschool students seemed pretty active in each event. They ran as if they were released from the den. In the throwing event, parents can't believe that their children can actually throw a ball ranging from 1 meter to 13 meters.

Elementary students were also very competitive. Despite of the heat of the sun, they managed to finish each event regardless of winning or losing.

There seemed to be a burning desire of winning in the hearts of the high school students. Everyone won't tolerate losses. As expected, the Juniors and the Seniors would always be in a raging competition. But everyone got the surprise of their lives when the Sophomores came chasing after these two. Alas, they joined the victory-madness of the Reds and the Blues.

Even if the competition was tough among the students, still the camaraderie had always filled the atmosphere. At the end of the day, everyone went home as victors because of their willingness to achieve victory.