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JS Camp : A Lifelong Learning

The Junior Seniors (JS) Camp is a twist from the usual JS Prom of which teenagers are always looking forward to. For Trinity Christian School, it is not just enough to allow students to dress up for a night, put on make-up and look their best. It is important for these teen-agers to learn not just their academic lessons but to teach them lessons about life and to prepare them for reality outside the four walls of their school.
The JS Camp is a merry mixture of fun and learning. There are talks about life's realities, how to deal with situations, table manners, to name a few. After each talk there is a "group dynamic" of which the groups are tested for tiheir unity to accomplish each required task.
Every JS Camp is always unique. For this year, the 3rd year and 4th year students really had fun. Majority of them participated in group discussions and gave thier best in every GD they performed.
Their unity and endurance were really tested especially during the domino game and the ball throwing. No matter how many times they failed they never gave up until such time they perfected/accomplished the task.
Acceptance. They learned to accept the weaknesses and strengths of their classmates. I could cite one instance when they were almost done with their ball throwing. They were almost at the end of the game when one of their classmate accidentally dropped the ball. Of course there were shouts of frustrations but I never heard any of them blamed their classmate who dropped the ball. They just repeated the process again until such time they were able to make it.
This goes to show that these students are maturing. They are learning.
The marketing and the cooking added zest to their activity. I believe that somehow they get to learn and realize that its not that easy to budget and to cook. I just hope that what they have learned from this camp would somehow leave an imprint on their minds that life is worth living if you are willing to take some big chances and learn lessons from every mistake that you commit.