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TCS Celebrates Teachers Day

A teacher affects eternity:
he can never tell where his influence stops.
                              Henry Adams

Many say that there is no nobler profession here on earth than teachers for they affect eternity. It is partly on this premise that teachers are honored and their contribution in educating the young are recognized especially during the Teachers's Day celebration.

September 28 is the birthday of Confucius - the great Chinese teacher. This is a date that Triitarians are always looking forward to every year. For this school year, the student body, spearheaded by the Supreme Trinitarian Council prepared a 'masquerade themed' program for all teachers and staff. Teachers and staff wore their masks as they were led by their student escorts to their designated seats.

It was also an expression day for all students as they were given the chance to perform on stage. A group of students serenaded the teachers using various musical instruments while there were 3 groups who danced to the latest craze of "gangnam style"number. There were solo song numbers too.

Some honored their teachers through giving of flowers, some gave love notes; there were those who gave balloons and gifts. Others simply greeted their teachers. No matter how small or big those gifts were, for sure they were greatly appreciated. But what counts mosts of which the teachers would really appreciate would be that students would put in more efforts in their studies.