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New School Vehicle Dedicated

In line with the Teachers Day celebration, a short program of dedication was conducted at the covered court for the new school service vehicle. After more than a year of fund raising, finally the old Joshua vehicle is replaced by a roomier and bigger vehicle. This project was realized thru the efforts of the STC under its former president Jobert Chong and Red Cross Youth Council under Renze Moe Lao's leadership. Together with the student body, parents, teachers and staff and other benefactors, they campaigned for Funds for this new vehicle. Various fund raising activities such as rummage sales, selling of food and other stuff during school activities and giving out of solicitation letters were done to raise money for the said project.

Of course the Board of Trustees poured their efforts too. They too contributed to help realize the project. And so last September 28, after the teachers day program, the Trinitarian community dedicated the new vehicle to the Lord.

This is another milestone in the history of Trinity Christian School. To God be praised for all His blessings.