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I Choose Philippines

It was a new and refreshing experience for all HS Trinitarians to openly welcome the 11 AFS foreign students from different countries who are spending their time here in Bacolod City. TCS invited all of them to school and gave them a warm welcome witnessed by all high school students last August 8, 2012.

Seven (7) countries composed of eleven (11) students were given a rousing welcome by the Trinitarians. One came from Argentina; one from Thailand; one from Belgium;  one from France ; three from Germany; two from Switzerland and two from Japan.

Exercising our famous trait of being hospitable, the AFS Foreign students were overwhelmed by the rousing welcome given to them. Trinitarians performed some song and dance numbers while the foreign students gamely renderned some special numbers too.

They were also introduced to some famous filipino delicacies and were delighted to actually taste most of them after the program. Trinitarians prepared a sumptous snacks of these delicacies. It was fun to see all them tasting the suman, kutsinta, banana toron, piyaya and many others.

But the food that delighted them all was the pork barbecue of which they commented was "supper yummy and delicious."

Ayane Enomoto of Japan who happens to be attending the 3rd year class of TCS exclaimed that its really fun to be with Trinitarians. "I like it here, thanks to my new found friends and teachers who are making my stay here very wonderful. They are so hospitable and warm", she said.

Four of these students are attending classes in TCS while others are delegated to other schools here in Bacolod.

These 11 students were part of the 56-student delegation from different countries who were given the oppurtunity to stay and experience Philippines for 10 months. They are given the chance to directly immerse themselves with the culture of our country. They get to travel around the country, soak themselves with the values and traditions that our country has to offer and most of all to experience Philippine education by attending classes.