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4th Year Students Attend Bible Retreat

"Your own Jesus... A God insistent on making it personal". This was the theme of the 4th year retreat for this school year and the concept was taken from the book of Casting Crown's Mark Hall. The early part of the activity took place at the school during the last week of July and continued at CICM Talisay until August 3, 2012.

The speakers were the 4th year advisers, together with Xiao Zhang and they gave emphasis on discovering your own Jesus, the real Jesus and making Him so personal to you. Everything in life stems from our walk with God. We need our own, everyday, walking-around friendship with God. Just Him. "Owning" your own Jesus conveys just how much God insists on the personal. You will have nothing more than empty religion until you develop your own friendship with the Lord. You can learn from others, but they can't live your life for you.

The Bible retreat, a compulsory activity for all high school Trinitarians sets as a turning point in their lives as young Christians. Through this activity they are reminded of their personal relationship with the Lord; they delve deeper into the word of God, studying the Bible passages and listening to God's word through the speakers.

After each talk a Group Dynamics is conducted, usually an application of the message given by the speaker. It's a light and fun moment for students as they think of group strategies to do in order to conquer each challenge given to them. A processing and group interaction follows as each one is asked of his/her realizations of the GD. This is done to really determine whether students understand the talk or not.

The rest of the high school Triniarians will have their own year level retreats during the Bible Month on January 2013.