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TCS is host to AFS Foreign Students

Trinity Christian School warmly welcomes foreign students who will join the Trinitarian community for one school year as part of the AFS Exchange program of which TCS is directly involved with. For this year the school is host to four students, Jonas Dobroschke from Germany;Laetiticia Raetzo from Switzerland;Naoko Takashi and Ayane Enomoto of Japan.
These students are part of the delegation for high school students that are hosted by the Bacolod AFS group. They arrived 2nd week of July and will stay until the middle of May 2013 as part of the program. These four students will be joining the 3rd year and 4th year classes. Aside from these they will also be attending other AFS activities which will be spearheaded by the University of St. La Salle.
AFS is an educational organization dedicated to providing enriched learning experiences that promote intercultural awareness, tolerance and communication. By providing immersive learning experiences in new environments combined with regular reflection and coaching opportunities, AFS helps participants build solid foundations for the future-whether in their academic careers, entry into the workforce or simply as responsible and tolerant members of the larger community.
For their duration of stay in the country, four Trinitarian families graciously welcomed them into their homes as part of their household.
Welcome students and the Trinitiarians are looking forward that you will have a good stay with us.