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Track and Field Day Fun

"Rain rain go away, Trinitarians want to play, rain rain go away..." guess this was what the Trinitarians wished for last July 20, 2012 which was supposed to be the school's Track and Field day. But the rain started to pour incessantly the night before until the following day.
Parents started to text the principal and teachers whether they should proceed to the Panaad Stadium. Finally realizing that the rain will never stop pouring, Xiao Zhang (principal) started a text brigade instructing all Trinitarians to proceed to the school instead.
Clad in their sports attire, students, together with their parents started coming to school instead. It was a sight to notice when everybody crowded the school ground lobby and waited for instructions. Though it was considered a class day, teachers could not hold classes because Trinitarians did not bring their school things. And so they resorted to film showing. But most films did not last long and students started to become restless. Finally, they thought of creative ways of spending the rest of the day.
And the fun begun. For most students it was the best track and field day ever because they got to frolic under the pouring rain, playing football and volleyball. While others played "tubiganay", others splashed water to their friends . The parents have no choice but to watch thier children playing in the rain.
The rain did not stop the whole day, nevertheless Trinitarians welcomed the break and so were the teachers who were dismissed a little bit earlier that day.
But hey! The track and field day is moved during the school's Foundation week celebration on the last week of October.