S Trinity Christian School News



Summer is Officially On!

Though the weather may be unpredictable with scattered rains showers these past few days, there is no stopping for the summer to come! Trinitarians are having their grand vacations right now; with some going out of the country for a well deserved family vacation; others are just around the different parts of the country, exploring beautiful places while others are just staying at home- catching up with computer games and simply sleeping and eating. Others have started to frequent malls and other hang-outs around the city. Indeed this is a very relaxing time of the year. Trinitarians deserve a break after the busy school year.

Meanwhile the end of the school year brought about 211 graduates. The school had its graduation rites last March 21 for the pre-school; March 22 for the elementary and March 23 for high school. Leading this year's awardees are:

Elementary Department:
Romchelle Waminal - English class elementary valedictorian
Felice Marie Fernandez - Chinese Class Valedictorian

High School Department
Eriqa Paltriguera - English Class Valedictorian
Renzee Moe Lao- Chinese Class Valedictorian

Awards were given; citations were announced and praise the Lord for His presence in the lives of Trinitarians. Praise Him for his goodness and overflowing grace to the school.

As we enjoy the summer break, may this be the time to relax and unwind, do worthwhile activities and catch up with some work backlogs. And yes, the Lent season is here. Let us continue to remember the sacrifice the Lord Almighty did for us just to redeem us from all our sins.