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Trinitarians experience earthquake for real

February 6, 2012. At first it was just a small chugging sound that startled all Trinitarians. The look of surprise transformed into fear as the sound intensified and the ground shook. Everybody started to scrambling out of their classrooms and offices and ran into the open field, the designated place to go in case of fire and earthquake.


An earthquake with a measurement of magnitude 6.8 jolted Negros-Cebu Region, Philippines. The quake, which has a depth of 33km, struck the area at 11:49 AM. Its epicenter was recorded off 71km (44 miles) of Bacolod, Negros Occidental.

Trinitarians' earthquake drill was finally put into practice as they marched out of their classrooms in an orderly manner, most of them putting their hands on top of their heads. Yes there was fear for their lives but the calm demeanor of teachers while shepherding their students outside of their classrooms gave them assurance that they are safe as long as they follow the procedure.

"I was surprised. I felt goose bumps crawling all over my body as I scrambled for safety outside the open field", one student quipped.

"I thought it was just nothing. But when I saw the tables shaking and the look of surprise on my classmates' faces, I started to run outside', another student added.

After some time students were instructed to return to their classrooms. Since it was already lunch time, most of them were out of their classrooms. A few minutes after, a faint shaking motion on the ground alerted them once again. The alarm broke out and once again Trinitarians scrambled for safety in the open field.

Many parents called to check on their children. With calm assurance they were informed that their kids are safe. Eventually, students were allowed to go home as long as their parents fetched them.