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Happy New Year everyone!

As we woke up last Sunday to a brand new year, for sure a lot of thoughts entered our minds. As the saying goes, out with the old, in with the new... sure a lot us are thinking of our new years' resolution. Stay healthy, be kind and compassionate to others, save... do better in school... surely these are just some of the things that we want to do.
After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, welcome once again Trinitarians to the real world!
The month of January brings a fresh dose of excitement and challenges that will fill our school days with so much fun. There's the accreditation of the high school and pre-school departments, the year level retreats in connection with the Bible month celebration, the MTAP Dep-Ed Math challenges and other academic excellence contests.
Above all else, the remaining months of the school year is our chance to give more to our studies. If you are failing, this is the time to strive more and do better... for those who want to catch up with their ‘academic status' there is still the fourth grading period to prove that indeed you deserve a "medal" at the end of the school year!
New Year means new hope and as long as we put our faith in Him... this is gonna be one very grand year to celebrate life!