The Faculty

Teachers and staff here work as a team. TCS tries to make sure that we all share the same basic philosophy, Though teaching styles may be different. And that's good.

We are small enough to ensure constant contact between students and teachers/staff and large enough for students to express and develop their individuality.

We recruit teachers who are committed to the ministry of education. They are rigidly screened before joining the school. Then each one is evaluated with regards to the performance and values. We expect teachers to stimulate, guide an challenge their students and to grow professionally.

TEACHERS: come to TCS because of their desire to teach.

OUR TEACHERS: are not perfect, but they are committed. They are in TCS because they want to grow, and they want to help students grow.

The commitment of our teachers goes beyond the classroom and the school year. Alumni visit the school from time to time to consult or even just to talk. The TCS is a family.

Seeking Excellence for God's glory since 1975.

The Students

We are mixed community, striving to grow together and enriched by each other.

We have a high expectation for each student. Intellectually, we expect students to accept the challenge of mentally rigorous study demands. We want students to learn independently and for themselves.

We expect each student to learn to write, not simply learn about writing; we expect them to learn to compute, not simply understand the principles of mathematics; we expect them to live out the right values, not simply verbalize them, we expect each student to experience artistic expression, not just learn about art. Primarily we expect TCS students to learn how to be active and not passive in their development.

Physically, the TCS students are encouraged to develop the total person. Athletics, physical conditioning, grooming, proper health habits, and a balanced understanding of an involvement in competition are all part of this development. Students enjoy calisthenics, track, basketball, volleyball, chess and other sports.

Spiritually, students learn the important of integrating biblical principles to all facets of life. They are taught to study the Bible, and challenged to evaluate the consistency of their faith and action.

The Activities

We believe co-curricular activities should complement academic training to provide a balanced development of the intellect and the character.

The most significant aspect of our co-curricular program is the opportunity to participate. If we have students interested, we don't cut – no matter what the ability. When you give kids a chance to participate, you also get your share of rewards.

In cultural presentations, talents are discovered and encouraged, leadership potential given a chance to grow, stage confidence enhanced, group cooperation and discipline developed.

In sports, students are given a chance to develop their physical skills and to learn the true meaning of sportsmanship. We train to win, but not win at all costs. We believe winning should not be at the expense of corruption of character, that winning in sports should be balanced by equal dedication to academic studies and therefore should not be a substitute for academic excellence.

In community participation, such as outreach program and ecological awareness, we encourage students to see how they can contribute to the welfare of society, and to do actual outreach work.

Our school emblem is a Seagull.

Staff Directory

Uy, Esther Jane Y.   Principal
Matalubos, Gasmelba   Asst. to the Principal / Personnel Officer
Carmona, Veronica   Office Manager
Valguna, Rhea B.   Chief Librarian
Crisostomo, Michael   Registrar/Adviser - Fourth Year Perseverance
Azuro, Melissa   Supervisor, Level I/Adviser - Grade 3 Mercy
Tanjusay, Lynn   Supervisor, Pre-School/Adviser - Kinder II
Gaurana, Raquel   Supervisor, level II
Zamoraga, Roumelia   Supervisor, Level III
Oberes, Jabez   MOCA
Cabrera, Gertie   Chinese Supervisor, High School
Lee, Nellie   Chinese Supervisor, Elementary

Support Staff:
Abizar, Ramon   General Services/Driver
Cape, Eleonor   Bookkeeper
Criador, Edna III   Guidance Counselor
Gidalanon, Karren   Library Aide
Lao, Marizette   Nurse
Llamas, Greace Agape   Guidance Counselor
Linaja, Tiffany   Elementary Librarian
Ordonio, Nestor   Property Custodian
Oregano, Lorelie   Library Staff
Pangarotan, Brian   AV Specialist
Paniergo, Feline   Library Aide
Ting, Carlos   Business Manager
Verdadero, Zerah   Secretary of the Principal
Yap, Lucita   Cashier
Yulo, Reganaud   Sports Moderator


Chinese Teachers:
Castronuevo, Jo  
Mahipos, Dolly Jean  
Ngo, Bee Ha  
Sun, Mary Ann  
Tio, Cherrie Mae  
Villanueva, Guat Ha  

Pre-School Teachers:
Bravo, Naomi   PS Library Incharge, Pre Nursery Teacher
Peronce, Liza   Adviser, Nursery Camia & Lily
Jose, Menchu   Adviser, Kinder I Dahlia & Tulip
Blanco, Medy   Adviser, Kinder I Santan
Repogio, Jeralee   Adviser, Kinder II Rosal
Garcia, Marlyn   Pre Nursery, Nursery & KI Chinese Teacher
Chu, Gina   Kinder I Chinese Teacher
Lladoc, Annie   Chinese Adviser, KII Daisy & Magnolia
Darlene Ruth de los Reyes   Teaching Assistant
Analie Delfin   Teaching Assistant
Paypon, Glezeus   PS Nurse, Chinese Teaching Assistant
King, Gervilyn   Chinese Supervisor

Elementary Teachers:
Ordaniel, Maylin   Adviser, Grade 1 Hope
Pontenegra, Francis   Adviser, Grade 1 Faith
Samulde, Lani   Adviser, Grade 1 Charity
Flores, Mark   Adviser, Grade 2 Wisdom
De La Vega, Janilyn   Adviser, Grade 2 Love
Buelba, Janet   Adviser, Grade 2 Peace
Ditchon, Bonivie   Adviser, Grade 3 Joy
Cagnayo, Gina   Adviser, Grade 4 Goodness
Villarde, Lizly   Adviser, Grade 4 Courage
Lim, Evelyn   Adviser, Grade 5 Salt
Vinco, Judith   Adviser, Grade 5 Light
Dioneo, Ma. Elma   Adviser, Grade 6 Kindness
Dechimo, Aragon   Science and Civics/Security Officer
Precioso, Joshua   HELE Teacher
Gabrido, Celia   HELE Teacher/Filipino Teacher to Foreign Students
Niedo, Rose Ann   PE Teacher

High School Teachers:
Repogio, Jeremie   Adviser, First Year Gentleness
Bravo, Nona Rae   Adviser, First Year Faithfulness
Lapatha, Frandie   Adviser, Second Year Self Control
Tre-inta, Gift Joy   Adviser, Second Year Initiative
Federez, Kathryn   Adviser, Third Year Meekness
Dechimo, Darlene   Adviser, Third Year Compassion
Ceballos, Xerwin   Adviser, Fourth Year Grace
Quirino, Lemuel   Computer, Social Studies Teacher
Magallanes, Evelyn   Filipino Teacher
King, Dave   Part Time Bible teacher